Do you want to let us do the PR for your company in the Netherlands, Germany and England?

Three websites filled with holiday possibilities for elderly persons and persons with a disability. You can help with expanding our offers and possibilities by joining us with your company.

We offer: 

* an advertisement on the website of Disabled-Holidays and Picture Vakanties with a link through to your own website.

* Dutch website google ranking 4  

  German website google ranking 3

  English website  google ranking 3

* a Dutch newsletter that goes out to over 1000 persons each month 

* All reservation will be booked with the owner, we don't take any provision! 

If you want to participate in more than one section that's possible.


                                      Rates Disabled-Holiday 


Type participation / activity

Per year


Incl. translation

  • Holiday houses

€ 69,50

  • Travel organizations

€ 99,50

  • Groups accommodations

€ 79,50

  • Care Hotel

€ 79,50

  • Bed and Breakfast

€ 59,50

  • Hotel

€ 79,50

  • Campsite

€ 49,50

  • Banner on the homepage (only in combination with an ad)

€ 165,-

  • Banner in category (only in combination with an ad)

€ 95,-


When you use a combination of categories 10% discount on the total price






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